ErisX Releases Upgraded Trading Interface

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3 min readDec 1, 2020


Come trade at the only U.S. based crypto exchange that offers spot and futures markets on one, cost-efficient platform! As pioneers in the crypto derivatives space, we are the only U.S. based exchange that enables individual members to trade futures on $BTC and $ETH. Access crypto market price transparency and liquidity without sacrificing security or performance.

In our continuing efforts to enhance our offering we are excited to announce an upgrade of our trading interface. Based on customer feedback, we developed a simple to navigate interface and made it easy to place and manage orders. Our new platform is also responsive on mobile devices and allows you to trade all assets from a familiar crypto-friendly workflow. ErisX is the only U.S. based exchange to offer crypto spot and regulated futures markets on one screen.

ErisX Introduces a new interface to trade crypto spot and regulated futures on one screen.

A few features to highlight:

  • Ability to click on the order book to populate your order price
  • Advanced users can place orders via our REST/Websocket APIs and view and take action on those orders via screen
  • Ready-to-use algorithms to help you navigate fast moving markets
  • Filters to help refine the information you want to see
  • Enter a dollar based order quantity with our Convert feature

Pegged Orders using Algorithmic “Algo” functionality

Watch a video tutorial on how to leverage ErisX’s Pegged Orders

Along with the new trading interface, ErisX has developed The Algo Machine (TAM) ™, to provide new algo functions. Accessible via the ErisX Trading UI as well as our Websocket API, customers can automate their trading strategies without having to write code. Our first algo features are a “pegged order” and an “order-on-fill.” Pegged orders allow Members to enter a buy/sell order in the spot market that will automatically reprice, pegged to a specified reference price, with a user- defined offset. Order-on-fill orders will automatically generate a contra-side sell/buy order when a Member’s buy/sell order executes.

For example, let’s say you wanted to BUY bitcoin but didn’t want to pay the spread (the difference between the best bid and offer). By setting up your pegged instructions to join the best bid your order would work dynamically by repricing and following the best bid in the market aiming to get filled passively.

Pegged orders have the potential to reduce your trading costs in two ways:

  1. Earn a passive order rebate as part of our Paid to Rest pricing program (see below)
  2. You wont pay the spread when aggressive contra side orders cross the spread to trade with you

Paid To Rest

Do you consider yourself an active crypto trader? In addition to offering sophisticated tools that enable you to dynamically work orders in the market, we help you decrease trading costs. If you enter passive orders in the market that are filled within a certain time period, ErisX will reward you with real-time rebates for your contribution to price discovery.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about our new trading interface, the algo machine or a rundown of incentive programs? Reach out to us at for more information about how we offer a secure, high-performance platform to trade spot and U.S. based regulated futures on one screen.



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