ErisX Expands Crypto Access for CryptoChassis Users

CryptoChassis integrated ErisX’s U.S. based spot and futures markets into their open-source C++ library, expanding the opportunities and destinations for their crypto traders. ErisX is a premier exchange and clearinghouse offering active traders low fees, instant rebates and a transparent marketplace.

CryptoChassis’s ccapi library is used for streaming market data and executing trades directly at various cryptocurrency exchanges. Optimized for ultra high performance, technology-driven, systematic traders leverage the speed of the library to perform market making, cross-exchange arbitrage, and other trading strategies. CryptoChassis is available on GitHub.

By accessing ErisX, CryptoChassis’ users can take advantage of instant rebates, rather than incur fees, on passive order flow. In addition to instant rebates, traders on the ErisX platform benefit from a low fee structure. The maximum fee ErisX charges Direct Members is 0.20%* for spot transactions whereas other exchanges impose fees of 2.00% (10x the cost of a trade on ErisX) or more in transaction costs.

ErisX’s central limit order book (CLOB) ensures that the best price on the market is accessible to everyone. With fair access for all market participants, no hidden orders, no preferential treatment, and no opaque practices, traders accessing ErisX from our mobile or desktop trading interface as well as technology-driven systematic traders using high-performance tools such as CrytpoChassis benefit from the maximum uptime and deterministic behavior of the ErisX market.

“We are pleased to integrate ErisX into our library and introduce their offering to our community of active traders” said Peter Wang, CEO of CryptoChassis. “The integration expands our exchange connectivity and offers users a transparent and secure crypto marketplace.”

“ErisX was designed for all levels of investors and we have a healthy group of active traders that take advantage of our instant rebates, low fees as well as automated trading tools,” said Thomas Chippas, CEO of ErisX. “We look forward to welcoming CryptoChassis customers to our U.S. regulated and licensed markets.”

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* Direct Member fee schedule, IRA account fees can be found here



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